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Louise Medical Center - 02.534.29.99 - Clinique du Stress à Bruxelles
Louise Brussels - Stress Clinic
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organized by Louise Medical Center

  • Stress can be positive and stimulating, but when severe and ongoing it can become unbearable and have a very serious harmful effect on your health.

  • The early diagnosis of stress disorders, along with effective treatment, is critical to preventing long-term illness.

  • Everyone responds to stress differently, depending on their past history, their personality, and their professional and family situation.

  • If you feel over-stressed, without being able to react, we can help you.

  • Our dedicated team, consisting of doctors, psychologists, a relaxation therapist, a coach and burn-out specialist, and a dietitian, will provide you high-quality professional support.

  • After the first contact with the team, we'll find the best treatment program and therapists to meet your needs.
 Our mission is to help you find a new balance of life.

THE CLINIC PROVIDES (For adults and teenagers)

• A personalized stress treatment program

• Individual assessment and consultation.

• A team of dedicated senior therapists and doctors who can combine both medicinal treatment and various therapy approaches.

• A team of stress management specialists who can contribute to your global balance with a wide range of methods such as emotional therapy, humanist therapy, analytical therapy, mindfulness, relaxation therapy ,sophro-coaching, wellness coaching, dietetics coaching and professional coaching.

• A comfortable and private environment where hospitality is a key value.


A first interview with the coordinator- psychologist
The objective of this interview is to listen and analyze your demand based on a humanistic approach Interviews with other members of the team are possible.
• Team Debriefing of this 1st interview.

• A second interview with the coordinator- psychologist
who will recommend you the best tailor-made treatment program.
• Follow-up with the LMC stress clinic team

If more specific examinations are needed, they will be conducted by the LMC medical team.


Dr M-A MICHAUX - Psychiatrist, Psychoanalyst
General Practitioners and Specialists of the Louise Medical Center

In collaborationwith the "Stress Clinic " of CHU Brugmann -

Info Appointments: 02 534 29 99

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