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Louise Medical Center - 02.534.29.99 - Clinique de la femme à Bruxelles
Louise Brussels - Women's Clinic
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Female diseases, even if they are common to both sexes often have their specificity. Women's health is not only focused on gynecology, but on features related to being a woman. The purpose of the medicine women and allow a better knowledge for better prevention.

There are also many diseases and conditions related specifically to the female menopause, cancer of the breast or genitals ... but also the various psychological aspects due to the stress of the Status of Women.

That is why Le Louise Medical Center also has a specialized Women's Clinic and offers, with the help of its specialists to deal with the different aspects and consequences:


Info Appointments : 02 534 29 99

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Menopause Clinique du sein
Aesthic Clinic Echographie 4D
Conducting comprehensive examinations such as gynecological examination, Pap smear, ultrasound, mammography and breast examination
Detection and prevention of different types of cancers as well as STDs or incontinence
Entity dedicated to the problem of overweight, diet and nutrition, gastroenterology, counseling, ...
Surgical day hospital to perform minor surgeries
or Aesthetic surgery within our center.