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Louise Medical Center - 02.534.29.99 - Pediatrics Emergency Clinic
Louise - Brussels pediatric emergencies CLINIC
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Louise - Brussels
pediatric emergencies CLINIC

The Louise Medical Center offers right now, service times and pediatric emergencies.

In this way we can help you for the majority of pediatric emergencies: a pediatrician examine and then give your child the best care, this will reassure parents through support and optimal treatment of their child.

Emergencies are the most common infections especially, but also injuries and psychological problems.

Appointments Pediatric Emergencies: 02 534 29 99

Acute and subacute symptoms, the most common are:

• Suddenor latent fever

• Diarrhea and / or vomiting
• Cough and respiratory symptoms

• Rash and / or skin infection

• Respiratory distress
• Dyspnea inspiratory / expiratory

• Eye infection

• Infection of the ear nose throat sphere
• Sphere urogenital infection, pain on urination
   and / or defecation

• Abdominlaes pain, symptoms high and low

•Trauma, burns and accidents
• Discomfort and / or loss of consciousness
• Blood loss: nose, stool, urine

• Joint pain

• Behavioral disorder

• Poisoning by drugs and / or inhalation

• Skin damage and / or the scalp

• Tropical diseases and / or parasites

This list is not restrictive, but allows you to group the reasons for the most frequent seeking.

We may also offer regular monitoring of your child, this involves monitoring of its weight, size, diet and development, both from the point motor, physical and mental emotional and intellectual.

Louise Medical Center in Brussels, thanks to his pediatric emercenencies service can cover all aspects of monitoring your child, and thus ensure a perfect evolution of your child.

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